Futuristic Visions :- Future of Education

Futuristic Visions :- Future of Education

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Apr 29,2015 | By: Aakash International School

Futuristic Visions :- Future of Education

Who can predict the future of education? Will the peak of digitalization abolish printed books and human teachers? Whatever will come let it come since change is inevitable. For now we need to sharpen our skills to inculcate values for human race without any geographic border."

International in True Sense

There are millions of schools in the country with the tag International, Global or Du Mond but they hardly mean it. They put the suffix either to add vanity glamour or just for a fashion. Aakash International School has a clear vision of this aspect and strives to materialize it at the earliest. The word international implies global integration of art, culture, curricula, ideas, identity and their amalgamation through practice. It’s really funny to see many international schools holding numerous international flags around their campus but they are rigid in their identity and violent nationalists. Our school follows secularist prayers in the morning assembly. Our kids learn, practice and imbibe festivals from across the globe. We cherish a dream to have many foreign faces with us to imply our existence. Further we plan to introduce IGCSE & IB diploma programmes to give the freedom of choice on their curricula. All those efforts are made to get the feelings of global citizenship in its truest sense.

Exchange Programme

We know that thousands of volunteers are waiting to serve the third world countries as well as help the developing nations like India. We are planning to hire human resources from abroad to guide us build a plethora of knowledge and understanding. Further we dream to put into practice cultural exchange programmes of teachers as well as students.

National Level Circulation

If a huge country like America can host nationwide spelling bee contest and Britain can hold nationwide drama festival why India can’t host similar literary or cultural contest throughout the country. Aakash International cherishes a dream to host different CREATIVE WRITING competitions whereas the ten best entries will be published in a magazine circulated from our campus. The selection of the entries will be done by a school selected by lottery. This means the host school judges the entries whereas they will be previleged to feature their school in the magazine. It will be a purely scholastic magazine contributed by students and managed by students and young volunteers.

We also look forward to host literary competitions which we name PERFORMING ENGLISH such as debate, elocution, quiz, storytelling, mime, mono acting, paper reading seminars, one act play etc integrating all the schools in the country and Indian students abroad. The aforesaid club will be glad to reach every nook and hook of the country by means of its oratorical club in the simplified pattern of TOASTMASTER’S INTERNATIONAL without interfering its patent. All these efforts are made to help the young generation branding their personality.

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