Interview Tips For Fresher On Campus

Interview Tips For Fresher On Campus

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Mar 14,2015 | By: Sarvottam Institute of Technology and Managenent

Interview Tips For Fresher On Campus

Interview Tips For Freshers: 

For the job seekers basically freshers, to face the first interview is seems to be difficult. A call for your first interview can be mixed emotions of anticipation, nervousness and excitement. Since you are going for fresher job, there are chances that there will be many candidates only for one vacancy.
Thus, you must make sure that you have to make up to the mark in that interview. Since freshers have no past
experience to show, so it is only your personality and qualifications that you can show at the time of your interview. As a fresher, all you have is your educational background and your personality and knowledge to impress the interviewer.

It is advisable to prepare some interview questions for freshers so that it can help you at the time of interview. The most common question which is asked is: 'Tell me about yourself '.
It is an 
open-ended question and is your best chance to represent yourself in a positive light and leave a good impression on the recruiter. Some interviewees do the mistake of answering this question with loads of personal information and little about their suitability for the job. If you have read the job description properly, you can use this question effectively to your own advantage.

Here you must talk about your strengths as a student and your vision of your career. Tell them about what important lessons you have learnt as a student that can help you while being on this job. The 
interviewer may ask you what your strengths are.
As a reply to this question, you can elucidate with examples how you enjoy taking up new challenges and about your ability to tackle them in a focused and organized manner.

This trait is required in all types of job profiles so, it will make a good impression on the recruiter. You could mention some skills like your ability to plan things in advance and execute long-term projects; your ability to organize information and data; your ability to research on issues pertaining to work and your ability to work well in a team. You could also talk about how well you adapt to different situations and challenges and these little things can easily help you grabbing jobs for fresher.

Once the interviewer is done with his questions, it is time for you to ask questions to the recruiter. You can ask intelligent questions about the job profile and vision of the company. Also, you can ask different questions related to detailed information on the organizational structure or the services and products offered by the 

You could also ask about their training and mentor ship programs. However, it would not be good to ask about your salary or first appraisal at this time. It is only after you have been selected that you should ask questions related to your compensation.
With little 
preparation and help, freshers can learn how to effectively face that barrage of questions where some are easy, others are tricky, and each one is designed in a manner to elicit key information from you.

Freshers need to develop the mindset and the skill to answer with quick, convincing and on-the-feet kind of responses that show their smart-mindedness and confidence.

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